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Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS

With people – for people

Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS is an enterprise design to help people with special needs back into ordinary work. In 2011 we provided work related assistance to 400 people. Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS has been a door opener to active work life since 1965, with experience from schemed work, projects, courses and counseling services within vocational rehabilitation and employment related services.

The Company is situated in Halden, Norway, and has 50 employees and a turnover of approximately 55 mill. NOK. The enterprise is owned by Halden Kommune – the municipality of Halden. Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS is an EQUASS certified company. Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS has 50 year of experience and modern production equipment – and delivers its products to customers in Norway. The company consists of 3 departments – Catering and a Rehabilitation Department and one department for permanent employment to occupationally disabled persons.


Our Vision

Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS is an innovative and leading rehabilitation company that provides individual opportunities for employment and prosperity.
Our main goals for the company

Become a profitable and important social enterprise in the Halden-region, which gives an added value to users, owners, customers and the local business community; which both the employees and our owners are proud of. Halden Arbeid og Vekst AS is a professional rehabilitation company and vocational competence center, preferred by job seekers, NAV and the business community. We will achieve this through a profitable and professional production of goods and services.


Our values govern how we perform our services, and serve as a guide in meeting with our users and in everyday ethical dilemmas.


Job training arenas

Our Catering-department has a modern kitchen and delivers food to both enterprises and private persons. We are also a professional supplier of mechanical and electrical products in a competitive market, but our different production departments serve as well as work as training arenas. The training includes basic working understanding, education of apprentices and others who take different production skills certificates.


The Rehabilitation Department

This department takes care of 350 people pr. year, in need of our services to get back into ordinary work. These services can be clarification, mapping, testing working capacity, individual coaching, qualification, counseling services within vocational rehabilitation and employment related services and personal development. Our co operational partners are Halden kommune and NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. IP Center of Competence offers courses and education in a number of areas:

  • General computer knowledge • IT security /data protection • Boat conducting certificate • Different Job search courses • Language courses • Truck driver courses • Norwegian for immigrants • Specially designed courses


Permanently Arranged Work (VTA)

The department is offering training and permanent employment to occupationally disabled persons in sheltered environment. The goal of the department is to create adapted work assignments for persons with various limited work capabilities.

VTA competes in the open marked in production and sales of good and services. The services we provide includes

  • Transportation Services,
  • Caretaker Services,
  • Packaging, assembly and sorting, for fixed and random assignment for the industry,
  • Shredding Services in DIN level 3,
  • Rental of tents and equipment, and rigging for various events in the municipality,
  • Car wash and car care
  • Cleaning the city, emptying of municipal waste bins, maintenance of lawns, trees, flowers in municipal avenues and green spaces
  • Two Cafés